Everyday Vegan Cheese

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

vegan sliceable cheese
Vegan Cheese

This vegan cheese is suitable for everyday uses. This is great for topping chilis, making a quick mac-n- cheese, grilled cheese, cheese and crackers, and everything else that just needs a little cheese.

I have been looking up and making various vegan cheese recipes that I have found for years. My favorite ones are from 86eats.com, so definitely check her site out for great cheese recipes. This recipe is my take from some of her recipes. I want to give credit where credit is due. I stopped looking up recipes and just starting making it on my own. This one has been our favorite to date. We like to have vegan cheese in the house that we can feel good about because sometimes (often) you need cheese.

vegan shreddable cheese
Vegan Cheese - Eat Your Healings



Have your cheese molds ready. Two or three ramekins or small containers will work.

In a high-speed blender, add in all of your ingredients except your coconut milk and agar powder. Give it a quick blitz to blend it all together.

In a small pot on the stove, mix your coconut milk and agar powder. Bring to a boil whisking the whole time. Once the mixture reaches a boil, continually whisk for about a minute.

Pour your milk mixture into the blender and blend for one minute. Be ready as this will harden almost immediately. Once the blender is done, quickly pour the mixture into your ramekins using a rubber spatula to scrape it all out.

Place the ramekins uncovered in the refrigerator for at least an hour.

This cheese can be sliced and grated!

Note: Be sure to use refined coconut oil as this has no coconut flavor.

You could toss in some green chiles or diced jalapeno for a pepper jack style cheese.

plant-based coconut milk cheese
Vegan Coconut Milk Cheese
plant-based cheese
Vegan Cheese - Eat Your Healings

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