Vegan Pumpkin Alfredo

vegan pumpkin tofu alfredo
Vegan Pumpkin Alfredo

When I ate dairy, this was one of my favorite dishes. I would order Fettuccine Alfredo almost every time we went to an Italian restaurant growing up. When I went vegan, I went without it for many, many years. I wanted to have it, but I didn't want all the oil and fat. I finally created a recipe that is healthy and flavorsome.

The sauce is made with silken tofu. Silken tofu has no flavor, so you can infuse it with other ingredients to get the taste you are looking for and the creaminess you want.

pumpkin tofu alfredo plant based
Vegan Pumpkin Alfredo


Makes 6 servings


Sauté the onions on medium heat in 1 tablespoon of the vegan butter (If using). You want to sauté them to bring out their sweetness and soften them a bit. After 5 - 8 minutes, add in the garlic and sauté for another 5 minutes. They are done when they have some color on them and are nice and soft.

While the onions are cooking, make your pasta according to the package directions.

Once the onions and garlic are down, place them in a blender with your tofu, other tablespoon of butter, pumpkin puree, broth, lemon juice, and spices. Blend until smooth and creamy. Voila, you have your alfredo sauce.

Drain your pasta, reserving a ½ cup of the pasta water if you need it to thin out the sauce. Set the pasta aside for a moment.

In the pasta pot, pour in your alfredo sauce. Bring it to a slight simmer on medium heat. As soon as it starts to simmer, turn it down to low. Allow it to cook for 1 minute. You just want to heat it and allow everything to come together. Now add in your pasta and mix, so all your noodles are coated in the sauce. Use your pasta water, if needed, to thin it out. (I usually don't need to do this).

I like to top mine with more ground black pepper, nutmeg, and lemon zest. You could also top with more nutrition yeast (get in those B vitamins) or some fresh herbs.

Vegan fettuccine alfredo
Vegan Pumpkin Alfredo

Adding fresh herbs on top of a dish is a great way to sneak more plant foods into your diet.

Another idea it to top with some pumpkin seeds. Sesame seeds or sunflower seeds would work as well.

vegan pumpkin fettuccine alfredo
Vegan Pumpkin Alfredo

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